About Richard Brown

Richard Brown, Fidelity Law

After graduating in law from University College, London (including first class honours in employment law), Richard started his legal career in the legal department of British Leyland. He then completed his articles at Allen & Overy, qualifying in 1987, where he worked until 1995.

From 1995 - 2010, Richard practised at Kimbells, Milton Keynes, mostly as a partner and head of litigation.

Richard was an early enthusiast for alternative dispute resolution ('ADR') and qualified as a mediator in 2000.

Since 2000, Richard has been involved with MK Community Foundation, as a trustee, and director/chair of MK Community Properties Limited.

Richard founded Fidelity Law in November 2010.

Richard has experience in most English courts and tribunals, as well as arbitration (ad hoc, ICC and UNCITRAL), and of liaising with lawyers overseas.

Richard is a founder member of AIBL (Association of Independent Business Lawyers).

Career highlights

  • Repossession of leased aircraft - including five recovered from a Spanish airline (Hispania) in one night
  • Ground-breaking insolvency cases in the Court of Appeal: Re Atlantic Computers [1990] EWCA Civ 20 and Re Paramount Airways [1992] 3 All E.R.1
  • Successfully defending challenges to the ‘beer tie’, following Passmore v Morland [1998] EWHC Ch 312
  • Leading case on interaction of copyright and design right: Lambretta v Teddy Smith [2003] RPC 41
  • Defeated claims against a national brewer that it had wrongly terminated a contract for the distribution of MGD beer in Northern Ireland: James E McCabe v Scottish Courage [2006] EWHC 538
  • Handled first case in the House of Lords on Regulation EC 44/2001 (jurisdiction): Scottish & Newcastle International v Othon Ghalanos [2008] UKHL11
  • Acted on ad hoc arbitration (Sir Gavin Lightman, arbitrator, 2010) in a shareholder dispute, which included related hostile applications for appointment of administrators and (separately) a receiver and manager, and applications for interim relief in the arbitration and the Canadian Companies Court   
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