Fidelity Law Services

The core of our business is avoiding legal disputes and solving disputes when they arise.

Our approach to dispute resolution is threefold:

  • To understand your objectives;
  • To advise on how to negotiate a solution (preferably without incurring the time and costs involved in formal proceedings); and
  • If a solution cannot be achieved, how to handle the dispute as swiftly and cost-effectively as possible, taking ownership of the problem, so that clients know that they can focus on their business.

We also handle transactional work for business clients (corporate, commercial and property) - by deploying our consultants and associates.


Our costs are entirely flexible and based wherever possible on the value we have brought to a client. We will quote fixed fees where possible; and enter into risk sharing arrangements where it is in both parties' interests (and lawful!).

When working on an hourly rate basis, we provide estimates and aim, in any event, to achieve significant savings for clients on the costs of mainstream law firms, both by offering lower hourly rates and avoiding duplication.


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